Grid v0.3 Release

If you’re new to Grid, see the Grid documentation to learn about Grid concepts and features.

Grid v0.3 is the third major release of Grid. Below is a summary of the features and changes included in this release. For detailed changes related to the v0.3 release, see the Grid release notes.

New and Noteworthy

Grid Puchase Order

Grid Purchase Order is designed to share purchasing information between trade partners. The purchase of goods and services is a primary activity within the supply chain and the communication of order information occurs in various ways today: by phone, email, SMS, eCommerce marketplaces, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), etc. Both the manual coordination and automated, point-to-point sharing of purchasing information between trade partners present challenges within day-to-day supply chain operations. Pain points include: poor data accuracy stemming from manual data entry errors, discrepancies between systems which impact receiving or result in financial claims, costs related to administrative/clerical time, and management of custom integrations.

Grid Purchase Order aims to address these pain points by offering a common industry solution for sharing purchase order information between trade partners on Grid. Trade partners have the option to integrate this Grid component with existing systems of record.

Grid XSD Downloading Utility

Grid now offers the ability to download and extracts schemas used to validate data. The grid-download-xsd command downloads GS1 XSD files used by various Grid features. The downloaded artifacts are first copied into a cache directory. They are then expanded into Grid’s state directory. If the desired artifacts are in the cache directory, Grid will not attempt to re-download them, and instead prefer the cache contents.

For more information, see the grid-download-xsd command documentation.