Upgrading to Grid v0.2.1 from Grid v0.1.2


Smart Contract Updates

Grid Pike has been incremented to version 2. This version made some fundamental changes to Pike data models and changed the addressing scheme to fit the pattern of the rest of the Grid smart contracts. Due to the fundamental nature of the changes, Pike v2 does not support backwards compatibility and Pike org structures will have to be recreated. The next section has some recommendations for how to do this. For more information about these specific changes, please see the Release Overview.

Other smart contracts that interoperate with Grid Pike have also been incremented to take advantage of the new Pike functionality. To upgrade your smart contracts after upgrading to Grid 0.2, please follow the Upgrading Smart Contracts for Administrators guide.

Grid Pike

Prior to upgrading to Grid 0.2, the following steps are recommended:

  • If you wish to use the same keys for your agents after upgrading, save each key along with the roles that they are permitted to.
  • Save the Pike organization ID of your organization.

After upgrading:

  • Submit a Create Organization transaction to recreate your organization. When creating this transaction, consider the following:
    • The org ID should remain the same as it was previously.
    • There is no longer an address directly associated with the organization. Associating the organization with a location will be done after creating the organization.
    • Alternative IDs for organizations are now handled through the Alternate ID index instead of organization metadata. If you previously had a metadata field for a GS1 company prefix, for instance, you should create an alternate ID for that prefix instead. Please see the CLI reference for more info.
    • Make sure to submit the transaction to create your organization with the same key that previously had the admin role. This will automatically create an agent from that key with the Admin role for your organization. The Admin role includes all Pike permissions.
  • Submit Create Role transactions to create roles.
    • Roles in Pike v1 (strings such as can_create_product) have been reformatted, and they are now considered to be “permissions” (product::can-create-product). Roles are now objects that comprise multiple permissions. You may want to leverage this functionality to create roles for your organization.
  • Submit Create Agent transactions to recreate your agents.
    • If you saved your agent’s keys you can recreate them using the same keys.
    • Instead of permission strings, you will assign roles to each agent.

GDSN Support in Grid Product

Grid now supports GDSN 3.1 as the default product representation. If you wish to continue using the previous default Grid schema or a custom schema, no action is necessary. If you wish to use the GDSN 3.1 representation, you can update your schema to include the GDSN_3_1 string property.

System Keygen Commands

grid admin keygen has been replaced with grid keygen --system gridd. This was changed so the behavior is similar to its Splinter counterpart.