Grid v0.1 Downloads

Grid repository

Clone the core GitHub repository to view the Grid source code, demo applications, and example Docker compose files for starting up a Grid network. Learn more by browsing the Grid documentation.

NOTE: Grid v0.1 exists as a branch on the core repository. Checkout the 0-1 branch after cloning the core to view the Grid v0.1 source code.

Grid-contrib repository

Additional community contributed code is located in the Grid-contrib repository.

Rust crates

Use the following crates in your Rust project:

  • Grid-sdk Grid SDK for building apps on Grid.

Docker images

Grid provides the following prebuilt Docker images for the Grid daemon, CLI, and UI.

  • hyperledger/gridd Provides a REST API for fetching data and submitting transactions, and manages the connection to the underlying distributed ledger
  • hyperledger/grid-cli Grid’s command line interface for submitting transactions and fetching data
  • hyperledger/grid-ui Front end interface for Grid built using the Canopy framework