Grid v0.1 Release

Grid v0.1 is the first major release of Grid. Here’s a summary of the initial features included in this release. For detailed changes related to the v0.1 release, see the Grid release notes.

If you’re new to Grid, see the Grid documentation to learn about Grid concepts and features.

Grid Components

Grid Daemon

The Grid daemon includes REST API endpoints for submitting transactions and fetching Grid data. It also manages the connection to the underlying distributed ledger and to the Grid database. For more information about the Grid REST API endpoints, see the Grid REST API Reference. To view the Grid Database tables, see the Grid Database Reference.

Grid CLI

The Grid CLI provides subcommands to submit transactions and fetch data via the Grid REST API. It also provides functionality to run database migrations and generate keys with which a user can sign transactions and batches. For more information, see the CLI Command Reference.

Grid UI

The Grid UI is a modular front end for Grid built using the Canopy framework. The Grid v0.1 release includes a saplings for authentication, profile management, and Grid Product. Saplings for other Grid features are forthcoming in later releases. As of Grid v0.1, the Grid UI only works with Splinter backed deployments of Grid.

Grid Features

Grid v0.1 includes two high level features for building applications: Product and Location. It also includes two supporting features, Pike and Schema. Each of these features includes a smart contract, handlers for translating data from Scabbard or Sawtooth state change events into database records in the Grid database, as well as CLIs and REST API endpoints for fetching data.

Grid Software

Grid is an open-source software platform that is available on Github in the hypeledger/grid repository.

Prebuilt Docker images are published on Dockerhub: