% GRID-DOWNLOAD-XSD(1) Cargill, Incorporated Grid


grid-download-xsd - Downloads and extracts the XSDs necessary for Grid validation.


grid download-xsd [FLAGS] [OPTIONS]


This command downloads GS1 XSD files used by various Grid features. The downloaded artifacts are first copied into a cache directory. They are then expanded into Grid’s state directory. If the desired artifacts are in the cache directory, Grid will not attempt to re-download them, and instead prefer the cache contents.

To avoid downloading from the internet (for example, if a firewall rule would prevent access to the remote website), use the –copy-from and –no-download arguments.

If –copy-from is used without –no-download, artifacts will be copied from the directory provided via –copy-from and any missing artifacts will be downloaded as usual.


This utility downloads GS1 schemas from the following URL:


It places the file in a cache directory GRID_CACHE_DIR/xsd_artifact_cache after validating the hash against a known good hash. The utility proceeds to read the zip in the following manner: It finds a zip file within the root zip beginning with “BMS Packages EDI XML”, and then finds a zip file within that zip beginning with “BMS_Package_Order_”. This file’s contents are then extracted to GRID_STATE_DIR/xsd/po.


Do not download the XSD even if there is no artifact cached
Continue even if a checksum on the cached file is incorrect
-h, --help
Prints help information.
-q, --quiet
Do not display output.
-V, --version
Prints version information.
Log verbosely.


Replenish the cache from a directory resource and use that. The directory should contain the following files: /GS1_XML_3-4-1_Publication.zip


The command

$ grid download-xsd \
    --no-download \
    --copy-from ./local-dir

will copy from a local directory ./local-dir without attempting to download any assets. It will still validate the hashes of the assets as they are copied, and error unless the --force option is enabled.

validating hash of ./local-dir/GS1_XML_3-4-1_Publication.zip
extracting to schema directory


Specifies the local path to the directory containing GRID cache. The default value is “/var/cache/grid”.
Specifies the local path to the directory containing GRID state. The default value is “/var/lib/grid”.


| Grid documentation: https://grid.hyperledger.org/docs/0.3/