Grid Pike

Grid Pike v2 is a role-based access control system for managing permissions within Grid and specifically within smart contracts. Agents, which are identified by their cryptographic public keys, are provided with permissions to act on behalf of organizations. Grid Pike v2 is an evolution of the Pike v1 identity system used in Grid and Sawtooth.

With Grid Pike, Organizations can create agents and assign them roles that allow them to transact with smart contracts using Grid.

  • Organization administrators can assign roles to agents allowing, fine-grained control over who can transact using a specific smart contract and to what extent.

  • Organizations can delegate specific roles to other organizations to fulfill.

Grid Pike provides an easy way to manage permissions in Grid. The Grid Pike smart contract provides an easy way to create, update, and delete organizations, agents, and roles. This provides users with an easy way to manage who is transacting on their organization’s behalf.

To see how permissioning and role delegation works within Pike v2, please see the example here: Delegation Example