Hyperledger Grid is a platform for building supply chain solutions that include distributed ledger components. This project provides a set of modular components for developing smart contracts and client interfaces, including domain-specific data models (such as GS1 product definitions), smart-contract business logic, libraries, and SDKs.

This ecosystem of technologies, frameworks, and libraries is designed to work with existing distributed ledger platform software and business-specific applications, so that application developers can choose which components are the most appropriate for their industry or market model.

Hyperledger Grid components include:

  • Reference implementations of supply-chain-centric data types, including domain-specific data models based on existing open standards such as GS1.

  • Smart-contract business logic based on industry best practices.

  • Pike, a smart contract that handles organization and identity permissions with Sawtooth Sabre.

  • SDKs that simplify development for smart contracts, such as the Rust SDK for Pike.

  • Example smart contracts and applications that show how to combine components from the Hyperledger stack into a single, effective business solution. For instance, Grid Track and Trace is a smart contract for tracking goods as they move through a supply chain.