Using Grid Features

Most Grid features are designed to interact with Pike organizations and Schema definitions.

For example, each product requires an owning organization, one or more agents that have permission to create and update the product, and a product schema that defines the structure and format of product properties. Likewise, each product schema must have an owning organization and an agent (or agents) with appropriate permissions.

Follow these general steps when creating a new item:

  1. Create an organization with at least one agent that has the permissions to create and manage the item.

  2. Create a schema that defines the structure of the item’s properties.

  3. Create an item (such as a product) that conforms to the property definitions in the item’s schema.

Important Notes

Before using Grid features such as Grid Product and Grid Location, the following prerequisites must be met.

  • Two or more nodes running Grid with the same backend distributed ledger (either Splinter or Hyperledger Sawtooth). The following procedures describe how to bring up a Grid node with each type of distributed ledger.

  • For Grid on Splinter, these features require a Splinter circuit that connects two or more nodes in a private network. Grid shares feature information only with the member nodes on a specific circuit. The following procedure describes how to create and manage a circuit.