Addressing Reference

Each Grid object is stored in the merkle tree at a specific 70 character address. These addresses normally include one or more address prefixes concatenated together, as well as a unique identifier for the object itself. These address prefixes may denote which smart contract defines the object (this is referred to as the “namespace” prefix), and what type of is stored there.

This document provides a reference for address prefixes across all of the Grid smart contracts. For more specific information, please see the “Addressing” section in the smart contract specification for any Grid smart contract.

Smart Contract Namespace Prefix Object prefixes
Pike cad11d Agents: 00
Organizations: 01
Schema 621dee01 -
Product 621dee02 GS1 Products: 01
Product Catalog 621dee03 Catalog: 00
Catalog Product: 01
Location 621dee04 GS1 Locations: 01
Track and Trace a43b46 Property / PropertyPage: ea
Proposal: aa
Record: ec