Grid Glossary

This glossary defines Hyperledger Grid terms and concepts.

Distributed ledger

Distributed database that records transactions, in chronological order, shared by all participants in a network. (Also called a "blockchain".) Each block is linked by a cryptographic hash to the previous block.

Grid Track and Trace

Smart contract for tracking goods as they move through a supply chain.


Smart contract that handles organization and identity permissions with Sawtooth Sabre.

Sawtooth Sabre

Smart-contract engine that executes smart contracts with WebAssembly (WASM). The rules for a smart contract are defined by a "transaction family". For more information, see the Sabre documentation.

Transaction family

Another term for a "smart contract": Application-specific business logic that defines a set of operations or transaction types that are allowed on the distributed ledger. A transaction family implements a data model and transaction language for an application.