Disclaimer: These are planning documents. The functionalities described here may not be implemented, or may be only partially implemented.


The following is a community-driven tentative roadmap to future releases.

Future Releases

Grid 0.4

Feature Status RFC Issues Documentation
Griddle Under Development - “Epic: Griddle” API planning document
Batch Tracking Under Development - “Epic: Batch Tracking” -

Features for Future Releases

These features are not yet slated for a release, but work on them has started in some form.

Feature Status RFC Issues Documentation
Product Catalog RFC Accepted RFC #14 - -

Latest Release

Grid 0.3

Feature Status RFC Issues Documentation
Purchase Order Complete RFC #25 “purchase order” Specification
Workflow Complete RFC #24 “workflow RFC” Specification

Past Releases

Grid 0.2

Feature Status RFC Issues Documentation
Identity (Pike 2) Complete RFC #23 “identity” -
Product w/GDSN Trade Items Complete - -  
Update to Actix 3 Complete - - -

Grid 0.1

Feature Status RFC Issues Documentation
Component Complete PR for RFC #9 - -
Location Complete RFC #20 “location” Specification
Pike Complete - “pike” HOWTO, Specification, REST API, CLI
PostgreSQL Support Complete - “postgres” CLI Schema
Product Complete RFC #5 “product” Overview, HOWTO, REST API, CLI
Sawtooth Support Complete - “sawtooth” HOWTO
Schema Complete RFC #4 “schema” Specification, REST API, CLI
Splinter Support Complete - “splinter” HOWTO
Sqlite Support Complete - “sqlite” CLI Schema

Additional Information

Management of the Roadmap

The roadmap is maintained by the community with oversight of the root team. Changes to the roadmap are done in the form of pull requests to the grid-docs repository.

Major features generally go through the RFC process.

Considering adding a new feature to Grid? Awesome! Feel free to chat about it on RocketChat in #grid or at one of our community meetings!


The status column can contain these values:

Status Description
Not Started No work has actively started on this feature.
Discussion An RFC has not been submitted, but the feature is actively being discussed.
RFC Submitted The RFC has been submitted and is under review.
RFC Final Comment Period The RFC is in final comment period (about a week) and is expected to be approved.
RFC Approved The RFC has been approved by the appropriate subteams.
Under Development The feature is actively being developed.
Implemented The bulk of the implementation is done and the feature is usable.
Complete The feature is ready for the release.