Disclaimer: These are planning documents. The functionalities described here may not be implemented, or may be only partially implemented.

Feature Planning


Features listed here exist in various stages of the development process. Many are in the design phase and may result in significant changes that may impact applications built on top of Splinter and its constellation of related libraries and services.

We welcome discussion on these topics, either on RocketChat or during the Grid community meeting.

Feature Description
Location Sapling A front-end for Grid Location functionality
Batch Submission Queuer Strategies A set of algorithms for determining batch submission order
Batch Submitter A daemon for submitting batches
Batch Tracking Store A store for providing functionality to interact with the batch tracking database
High Availability A high-availability plan for Grid
High & Low-level Transaction REST API An API for submitting higher-level JSON transactions
Product Sapling A front-end for Grid Product functionality
Queuer - One-round serial A one-round serial queuing strategy for submitting batches to the DLT
Queuer - One-round parallel Initial research regarding a one-round parallel queuing strategy for submitting batches to the DLT
Future REST API A proposed future REST API for transacting with Grid
DLT Polling Monitor A proposed future polling monitor for syncing batch statuses
DLT Event Monitor A proposed future event monitor for syncing batch statuses
Rest API Backwards Compatibility A proposed backwards compatibility plan for testing the REST API
Griddle Proxy Proposed proxying functionality for Griddle
Grid Document Grid Document specification