Grid Release Checklist

This document outlines at high level the procedure that should be followed when preparing a new release of Hyperledger Grid.

Grid Tests

  • Rest API integration tests must pass
  • Smart contract unit tests must pass
  • UI tests must pass
  • just lint must pass

The above list of tests are run by this Jenkins Job. If the Grid build is failing in Jenkins a release cannot be cut.

Tag Repository

If the release is a major version, tag the repository with the version number replacing dots with dashes. For example 0.2 would be tagged 0-2.

Release Notes

If the release is a new major version, add a file to the tagged branch. If the release is a minor version, update the existing file in the tagged branch.

Update Grid Website

Add release notes and announcement to the grid website.

Update Version Across Repo

Update the version field in the following files to the next version number.


  • cli/Cargo.toml
  • contracts/*/Cargo.toml
  • daemon/Cargo.toml
  • griddle/Cargo.toml
  • sdk/Cargo.toml
  • ui/grid-ui/package.json
  • ui/saplings/product/package.json