Process for adding Product Attributes

Grid Product supports GS1 products and a subset of GS1 product properties. In grid, the available product properties are defined in the product schema definition file. This document covers the verification process used when adding new product properties, which is intended to ensure the contents of the product schema match the GS1 specifications.

Sources used to do Verification

The following are used to perform verification of fields:

Verification of Property definition

Only properties which exist in the GS1 standards may be included. When adding a property, the following fields must be defined:

  • name
  • data_type
  • description
  • required
  • number_exponent - if the data_type is number
  • enum_options - if the data_type is enum

When adding a new property, name and data_type must match the specification. The name field should match the GS1 attribute name as closely as possible. The data_type field is one of; Boolean, Number, String, Enum, Lat_Long. This should match the data type defined in the GS1 standard. For example, brand name is defined in the specification to be a string, so data_type must be String. In the event that the there is not a data type use String as the data type.

The required field must always be set to false. All product properties are optional (the properties used depend upon which GTIN is being defined). There are no inherently required fields in the standard.


Product schema may only contain properties which correspond to attributes in the GS1 standards. There may be circumstances were it is desirable to add additional fields that are not in the specification. This may not be done with the default schema file, which is intended as a pure translation of the GS1 product standards. However, the default schema may be modified prior to import for a particular installation.

When customizing the product schema, it is strongly recommended that non-GS1 fields be prefixed with “ext:” so it remains clear that these are extensions in the local installation and not part of the GS1-based schema provided as part of Grid. For example, an attribute called “myCustomAttribute” should be named “ext:myCustomAttribute” in the customized schema file.