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Hyperledger Grid

Hyperledger Grid is a platform for building supply chain solutions that include distributed ledger components. This project provides a set of modular components for developing smart contracts and client interfaces, including domain-specific data models (such as GS1 product definitions), smart-contract business logic, libraries, and SDKs.

Built-in Support for Industry Standards

Grid provides reference implementations of supply-chain-centric items – data types, data models, smart contracts, and more – that are anchored on existing open standards and industry best practices. Grid has out-of-the-box support for GS1 standards such as GTINs and GLNs.

Open Source for Flexibility

Avoid the widespread issue of vendor lock-in with open source software.

Hyperledger Grid is an open source project on GitHub. We welcome contributors, both organizations and individuals, to help shape project direction, contribute ideas, provide use cases, and work on specific tools and examples. Please join the conversation.


Hyperledger Sawtooth   or   Splinter

Grid lets you combine a distributed ledger framework with Hyperledger components and Grid smart contracts into a single, effective business solution. Grid's flexible, modular design supports a choice of backend distributed ledgers: Splinter and Hyperledger Sawtooth.

Hyperledger's Sawtooth Sabre is the enabling technology behind Grid's support for multiple distributed ledgers. Sabre provides a smart contract engine for customized smart contracts and the included smart contracts in Grid:

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